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Go Pills - "It Came From Outer Space," featuring guests Mink Stole and Cory McAbee, appears on the Shakemore 2012: Compilation CD, available for order or download from Thick Syrup Records.

Go Pills - "Queen of the Savages" (featuring John Irvine from The Jennifers on lead vocals) bonus track on "21 Love Songs: a tribute to Magnetic Fields" comp CD and free download 2008

Videos from GO PILLS' set at Half Japanese's ShakeMore-Au-Go-Go music festival in Westminster, Maryland, August 11, 2012. Skizz Cyzyk (electric ukulele, lead vocals), Tommy Balog (upright bass, backing vocals), Randy Austin Jr. (lapsteel, backing vocals), and Batworth (drums, backing vocals). Live sound mixed by Don Peyton. Video shot by Elizabeth McGraw-Austin.
"I'm So Tired (It's Not Funny)" and "(I'm So) Sh*tfaced (In Love)" 

 "It's Been 25 Years" and "I've Got A Feeling You've Got What I Need"

"Cut By A Bucket"  

GO PILLS sing Happy Birthday to Katie Brennan, and then play Cut By A Bucket. Live at 8x10 in Baltimore, MD (Feb 27, 2011). left-to-right: Tom Balog (upright bass), Skizz Cyzyk (electric ukulele, vocals), Batworth (drums), Randy Austin Jr. (lapsteel). Shot by Jen Talbert.  

 ATOMIC BBQ, July 2, 2011: "(I'm So) Sh*tfaced (In Love)"

With guests Mink Stole and John Irvine, "Yours, And So Am I"

 With guests Mink Stole, John Irvine, and Don Peyton, covering CooCooRockinTime's "Too Much Fun" and "CooCooRecordPartyTime"

"Star Spangled Banner" and "Big Bald Blues"

ATOMIC BBQ, July 3, 2010 - "I've Got A Feeling You've Got What I Need"


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