Brent Malkus: guitar, vocals
    David Cawley: bass, vocals
    Skizz: drums

OPTION MAGAZINE (#58  Sep/Oct 1994)
BERSERK.  This Baltimore trio has got it.  What is "it" exactly?  Seemingly basic stuff, like songwriting chops and idiosyncratic influences, synthesized with charm, spark and originality.  For starters, they roll out "Giant Robots," a punchy Gary Numan-style techno-ditty, which kicks right into "My Love Is So Big," a riff-happy hummer that's equal parts Buzzcocks catchiness and Gang Of Four art-funk.  From there, beginning with the Mouldy-sweet "Blue Hearts," things settle down into a more prosaic niche, but with no less satisfying results: Berserk has mastered the formula for an unflappable mix of dramatic guitar noise, frantic tempos and shimmering melodies.  They also have a mysterious kinship with the Far East, if only on a pop-culture level.  If there's a single band they resemble, it's Green Day or British-influenced Chicagoans Naked Raygun, but with more delightfully shameless hooks and only the minutest trace of hardcore roots.  Berserk is more about top-notch execution than real innovation, but a debut record that's 80-percent memorable is a grand achievement in the often pedestrian indie-rock world. (Go-Kart, 222 Thompson St. #7, NYC 10012) -- Jason Cohen

BEST 45 - BERSERK: "Giant Robots" / "When I Think"  Merkin Records
Just when it looked as if it were time to bury the exquisitely designed seven-inch 45 rpm single instead of hollowly (and hallowedly) praising it, along comes Berserk, three dippy dudes with exacting pop standards, tuneful savvy, and a sacred mission to make the world safe again for fun-stuff rock via the intimate vehicle of the 45.  God bless bassist/frontman David Cawley, guitarist Brent Malkus, and drummer Skizz.  Gleeful as all get-out, "Giant Robots" whisks you into the sing-along world of Gigantor and other fearless protectors of the human race, who've sworn to shield us from robot monsters, and you know how nasty they can be; it's equal parts whimsy, pop-and-fresh melody, and metallic buzz.  Yummy.  "When I Think" conjures fuzzy, pleasant dreams of the Buzzcocks, as Cawley friskily leads the band through a headlong dash while ruing a recent love affair.  Pressed on irresistibly cool industrial robot-gray vinyl.

FLIPSIDE #75, Nov/Dec 1991
BERSERK "Giant Robots / When I Think" 7"     Distorted guitar with good melodic, cathy rhythm tracks and a "normal" sounding lead singer all add up to one thing -- this one is gonna be a cult favorite.  Damn if "Giant Robots" didn't addict me... definitely buy this. (Thom)

If you're going to buy one Gary Numan, Jap-sci-fi, Pete Shelley influenced guitar spazz single dealing with a mechanized terror squad this year, I think this'd be yer best bet.  Seriously, I think this is great. (Brendan Burke)

Baltimore's Best Band: BERSERK
     If Baltimore has a reputation for a sound, it would have to be the heavy-funky-dance-psych forged by the now-defunct All Mighty Senators and Monkeyspank, and still trafficked in by Q, Cloaca, and a host of others.  Those bands often are disparaged as being part of the "art school scene," but like them or not, 'Spank and the Senators did more out-of-town gigs than any bands in recent memory, giving folks in D.C., New York City, and elsewhere a clue that, hey, maybe there's a music scene in Baltimore after all.
     Of course, there's more to our scene than heavy-funk.  Last year, we picked Berserk's "Giant Robots"/"When I Think" (Merkin) as Baltimore's best single (and Option Magazine put it on their Fast 15 list).  While the long-awaited Berserk CD still isn't out, the trio continues to tear up the East Coast with their frantic, frenzied, feisty razor-pop-punk.  Dave Cawley (bass/vocals), Brent Malkus (guitar/vocals), and Skizz (drums) make music imbued with childlike wonder and a refreshing naivete, and they hammer it home with unerring, tuneful rock-and-roll smarts.  It's the perfect antidote for the heavy-funk art-school blues.

Once upon a time, there was a band known as Berserk.  The trio's music was punky and poppy and full of the frantic rock headrush typified by the band's name.  It made a great many music fans very, very happy.  Berserk played a lot and made one really cool CD, but then, a few years ago, the plucky group broke up.  Now former frontman Brent Malkus is back in town for a visit, so he and the other former Berserkers -David Cawley and Skizz Cyzyk - decided to reunite for one special night for one special show that also features Dirty Sanchez and Garage Sale.  And we all lived happily ever after...  10 P.M., the Ottobar.  (Lee Gardner)

BERSERK discography:
Gonna Save The World From Danger cass. 1989 Beef Platter
"Giant Robots" / "When I Think" 7" 1991 Merkin
Berserk CD 1994 Go-Kart

"Giant Robots" (24 track version) on "Independent Music Fest" comp. cass 1993 MBT
"Kamen Rider" on "Baltimore, The City That Breeds" comp. CD 1993 Kwality/Reptilian
"My Love Is So Big" on "Altamont Speedway!!" comp. 7" 1993 Go-Kart
"Blue Hearts" on "I Hear Ya!" comp. CD 1994 Caroline
"Blue Hearts" on "Echoes Of The Nation's Capitol #2" comp. CD 1994 3rd World Underground
"5 Strings" on "Walking By A Building" comp. CD 1995 Hat Factory
 "(If I Was) Ultra 7" & "Blue Hearts" on "Go-Kart vs. The Corporate Giant" comp. CD 1996 Go-Kart

“Giant Robots” on the soundtrack to Justin Case Productions’ PERMANENT DAMAGE 1991
“Giant Robots” & “Inflation” on the soundtrack to Troma’s TERROR FIRMER, 1999
"My Love Is So Big" music video on the "Best Of Destroy Television" videocassette, Go Kart 1997
"The Berserk Reunion Special" episode of Atomic TV 1998

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